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What are Simple Configs?

Simple Configs are Configs which are very simple and easy to make.

This means they will not have a capture or require any tokens. These are good for start up sites like forums or music streaming sites.

more info here

What are Complex Configs?

Complex Configs are complicated configs which require much more work than a «Simple Config» to make. This means they usally need some type of cookie/token

 What’s the difference between each Config File type?


How To Create A Complex Open Bullet Config?

1. Go to the config tab in OpenBullet and press «New»
(Now it should show you the stacker)

2. Go to the website you want and sign in with a bad (Invalid) account.
Now your there pres «CTRL, SHIFT, I» and then search for one with the method as «Post» this is usually the one called «login». Just leave the page there as we will be returning in a minuite.

3. So the first thing we want to save is the url login eg (

  • Now you have saved the URL hit the + in the stacker press «Request» 
  • Now paste the URL in the section called «URL:»
  • Make sure the method is «GET»
  • Now go back to the tab we kept open scroll all the way down on the «Post» tab and copy the text underneath your USER:PASS you entered earlier.
  • Now go back to OpenBullet and press start (its under the orange text saying Debugger) 
  • Once thats complete press log at the top of the «Debugger» and then press «CTRL F» and search what was underneath the login details. 
  • Now just copy the segment in the speech marks, its usally value=»YOUR TOKEN»

4. Now hit the + in the top left and and then select «PARSE»

  • Once your in here change the «Var/Cap Name:» to the variable we got earlier (the thing under USER:PASS before the token)
  • So now for the left string we want to copy what was on the left of are token. (eg name=»csrf» value=»)
  • On the right string we want to put whats on the right of the token for example: * />  (DO NOT INCLUDE THE TOKEN)
  • Now swap back the «Data» tab in OpenBullet and just press start. Once doing this it should give you a bunch of letters and or numbers.

5. So to setup the next part we want to resume back to the «Post» tab we had open earlier and we want to copy the «Request Url:»

  • Now press the + back in open bullet again and select request
  • Then paste the URL we just copied in the «URL» box.
  • Now change the method from «GET» to «POST»
  • Now change the «Label:» to POST
  • Now go back into are google tab we created earlier and scroll back down to «Form Data» and then press view source. You now want to copy this source and paste it in the «POST Data:» box in are OpenBullet.
  • Now its in open bullet you want to replace the USER/MAIL you entered with and replace the pass you entered with
  • Now delete everything after your token name and replace it with what we called the second block (call it what the yellow block says)
  • Now for the «Content-Type» you want to open the tab we had open with Post data inside and you want to go into «Request Headers» and copy the code after «content-type:»
  • Now go to the same page again and copy the «Origin:» and «Referer» together (So its 2 lines) and paste it into the headers box.
  • Now go back to that same page and copy all the code after «user-agent:» and replace the preset inside of open bullet (its in the «Custom Header» section.

Now to test this hit «HTML View» and put in a random USER:PASS/MAIL:PASS in the «Data:» tab at the top. Now it should say an error message.

  • Now copy the error message it gave you eg «Invalid Username and Password»
  • Now press the + again to add a new block and we want to select «KEY CHECK»
  • Once you have added the «KEY CHECK» block press the + after «Keychains:» twice (so 2 green boxes appear.)
  • Once you have the 2 boxes appear change the second ones «Type:» to «Failure:» and paste the error message we got in the blank box
  • Now you have done that we need to sign into a working REAL account (it does not matter if it is free) using the «Data:» box at the top.
  • Now copy something on this page which isn’t usally there eg «Log Out» «Welcome» and paste it into the blank green box. (To add more to be ultra safe you can press the + after «Keys:» and add another piece of text you see after login.
  • Now press on «Data» windows in the debugger and press start. Now it should mark it as a «SUCCESS»
  • Now we want to change the working account details into one that dont work and press start again, it should now say «FAIL»

How to create a Capture?

  • Put the working account details back into the debugger after «Data:» and swap back to «HTML View» in the «Debugger» Now press «Start»
  • After the «HTML View» has loaded you want to go back and add another block by pressing the + under «Current Stack» and select «PARSE»
  • Now you want to go into the block «PARSE» and tick «Is Capture»
  • Now change the «Var/Cap Name:» into what your capturing (eg, Account Name, Membership)
  • Then go into the «Log» in the «Debugger» view menu and search what you want for me im searching for «Account Name» so im going to «CTRL F» and search: My Username. (Make sure that the information you get is not from «Block POST» «Sign In Information) and then you want to copy a big bit of text before what you want (go right up to the last letter before <
  • Now you want to paste that information in the left string
  • Then you want to copy whats on the right of your text. Usally this is something like this «/>
  • Now you want to change the text after «Label:» to the text you entered in the «Var/Cap Name» earlier.
  • Now I want to capture the second name aswell to do this I am going to repeat this again to do this I press the + in the top left select «PARSE» and change the «Var/Cap Name» to the next bit of capture you want (for me its Account Second Name)
  • Now copy all the information from before the second bit of information right up to the < again and paste it into «Left String»
  • Now copy whats on the right for me its «/> again
  • Now just select is capture.

Now to test are capture im just going to swap the debugger tab to «Data» and press start. Now it should show your Capture you wanted it to find. For me it shows me my first and last name.

If it all worked successfully you want to press the «Save» icon under «Current Stack» and we are done :D 

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