What is OpenBullet?

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What is OpenBullet?

OpenBullet is a program used for «Cracking Accounts». As of «2020» this is one of the most popular cracking tools and originated from «BlackBullet».

Why Choose OpenBullet?

  • OpenBullet is a cracking tool which will always work. This means that OpenBullet will never get patched, unlike tools from «XSlayer» and «XRisky». 
  • OpenBullet also runs on Configs much like other tools such as SentryMBA this diffrence between OpenBullet and other tools is that OpenBullet is alot more user friendly than other programs, this means most people with a brain will be able to make OpenBullet configs.
  • Also because this tool is CURRENTLY the most popular cracking tool there is 100’s of configs being released FREE.

What is an OpenBullet Config?

An OpenBullet config is a configuration / setting file for OpenBullet. These are «intended» to test website security but can also be used to maliciously attack websites for account details. 

In a short explanation: They make the tool a cracking tool.

How can you make an OpenBullet config?

You can make an OpenBullet config by following one of my threads (If you are new to OpenBullet test «Simple Config» First)

Simple Config: https://bullcrack.com/how-to-create-a-simple-config-openbullet
Token Config: https://bullcrack.com/openbullet-tutorial-bullcrack/
Recaptcha Config:

Now you may be wondering why would I want to create my own config when there is already several different configs for FREE! The main reason is that you will be able to do it on custom sites (eg, Spotify, Subway, Esso)

What do the different tabs do in OpenBullet?

  • RUNNER: Runner is where you can run the checker’s to get hits on the website of your choice. You do this by selecting «NEW» and choosing your config and wordlist.
  • PROXIES: Proxies tab is where you import your proxy lists. If you DO NOT know what a proxy list is please get some help..
  • WORDLISTS: Wordlists are where you can import your Combo lists. You will need to make sure when you press «Import» you swap «MAIL:PASS» to the correct layout for your config.
  • CONFIGS: Is where you can load your configs. You load them by pressing «VIEW FOLDER» and dragging the config you downloaded in there. To create a config you just press new and follow the steps.
  • HITS DB: Is where all your hits from the «RUNNER» save. (Make sure you clear this once every week else your OpenBullet will crash)
  • TOOLS: Is where you can generate giftcards. Turn on Selinium (Fill in Captcha on sites). 
  • SETTINGS: tbh fuckknows what this does DO NOT change anything apart from Captchas which will allow you to insert a custom ReCaptcha.
  • ABOUT: Information on OpenBullet.


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